im grace and the blood kink is out of control
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finally gettin around 2 watching ouat episode 2 



always remember in moments of chaos and scandal

that frank iero dry humped gerard way’s head onstage while moaning




yo yo so im in a botm poll rn and could you pls vote for me  here and I’ll do

  • blog rates
  • selfie rebagels
  • ill make a little playlist for you
  • i can try drawing your face but gareented my paint skills are p shitty
  • what ever u want rly i cant think of much else

just send me a message and ill do whatever ones you want

some of the links are better than others like vidspot is usually the best omg see if this one works…

thank u omg this one is better i think i gotta reboot my computer tho bc its such a piECE OF SHIT